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Booty and Quad Workout

Warm up 5 minutes on stair stepper at a slow pace.  Kick leg back after each step and really squeeze your glutes.  If you don't have a stair stepper you can use an elliptical to warm up.  Push through your heels with each stride. 1.  Weighted barbell bench hip thrusts 15, 12, 10 2.  Cable pull through's 15, 12, 10 3.  Courtesy lunges 15, 15, 12 4.  Split squats w/ barbell 15, 12, 10 5.  Walking lunges w/ plate overhead 12, 12, 12 (12 each leg) 6.  Leg extensions 12, 10, 8 (superset) 7.  Pop squats 3 x failure (superset) 8.  10 donkey kicks, 10 straight leg kickbacks, 10 firehydrants (do one right after the other x 2) The lower the reps the HEAVIER your weight should be. Cool down with 5 minutes of stretching. Enjoy :)

Busy Mom Gets Fit!

I’m looking for some busy mom’s who are looking to make healthy changes.  Who are nervous about taking the first step but don’t know where to turn.  Who have BIG dreams of getting healthy and fit in 2015.  Who want to lose weight and have more energy for their kids. We will follow a fitness program, clean eating menu and work together to help you reach your goals. Apply here -->

Booty Blaster Workout

Anterior Lunges w/ dumbbells at sides 3 sets of 8-10 reps (GO HEAVY) Single leg RDL w/ dumbells 4 sets of 8-12 reps Goodmornings 4 sets of 8-12 reps One leg double bench hip thrusts 3 sets of 10 - 15 reps Multiplane lunges w/ barbell on back 3 sets of 12-15 each leg (superset) Walking lunges w/ glute kick backs holding plate overhead 3 sets of 12-15 each leg (superset) Jump frog squats 3 x 15 Go as heavy as you can on the weights!  Your booty and hamstrings will be on fiyah!

Glute and Hamstring Workout

Glute and Hamsting Workout of the Day! My legs were shaking afterwards!! Start with 4 sets of 20 donkey kicks each leg. Reverse hyperextensions with booty band above knees 3 x 20 Wide stance barbell squats 15, 12, 8, 8, 12, 15 Good mornings 3 x 10 superset with close stance barbell squats 3 x 10 Romanian deadlifts 15, 12, 8, 8, 12, 15 Bridge to curl on ball 15, 12, 10 Enjoy!

Italian Chicken Bake

This recipe is soooo simple guys!  I am all about quick and easy as a busy mom! Ingredients: 2-3 chicken breasts (depending on size) 1 package of fresh cut green beans 4 redskin potatoes cut up 1/2 cup mushrooms (optional) 1/2 cup onions (optional) 1 packet Italian seasoning mix 4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil In a 9x13 pan, cut 3 chicken breasts in half, add 2 green beans on one side and cut up red skin potatoes on the other.  Scatter mushrooms and onions over rest. Sprinkle a packet of zesty Italian dressing mix over the top. Drizzle a olive oil over it. Cover it with aluminum foil and bake at 375 for 1 hour.

Slow Cooker Turkey Chili

Slow Cooker Turkey Chili Ingredients 1.3 pounds 99% Lean Ground Turkey 1 teaspoon Olive Oil 1 medium Onion, minced 1 medium red Bell Pepper, diced fine 1 Garlic clove, minced 1 1/2 cups frozen Corn kernels 10 oz can Mild Diced Tomatoes 8 oz small can plain Tomato Sauce 1/4 cup low sodium Chicken Broth 1 teaspoon Cumin 1/2 teaspoon Chili Powder 1/2 teaspoon Paprika 1/2 teaspoon kosher Salt Optional Garnishes Diced Avocado 2% Greek Yogurt Shredded Cheese Baked Tortilla Chips Directions Heat a large skillet over medium-high heat, add the turkey, season with salt and cook, breaking up with a spoon until turkey browns and is no longer pink; place into the slow cooker. Add the oil to the skillet and sauté the onion, garlic and bell pepper over medium heat for about 4 to 5 minutes. Spoon over turkey into the slow cooker and stir in corn and tomatoes, tomato sauce, cumin, chili powder, paprika and salt, mix until well blended. Pour chicken broth into the crock

Peanut Butter Cups made Healthy

Healthy Peanut Butter Cups (Makes 2 servings) Total Time: 40 min. Prep Time: 10 min. Cooking Time: None 2 tsp. unrefined coconut oil, melted 2 Tbsp. powdered chocolate peanut butter (like PB2) 2 tsp. Chocolate  Shakeology 2 Tbsp. water 1. Combine oil and powdered peanut butter in a small bowl; mix well. Set aside. 2. Combine Shakeology and water in a small bowl; mix until it has a pudding-like consistency. Set aside. 3. Coat two foil muffin liners evenly with half of peanut butter mixture. Top evenly with Shakeology mixture and remaining peanut butter mixture. 4. Freeze for 30 minutes, or until firm. Nutritional Information (per serving): Calories: 64 Total Fat: 5 g Saturated Fat: 4 g Cholesterol: 0 mg Sodium: 50 mg Carbohydrate: 3 g Fiber: 1 g Sugar: 1 g Protein: 3 g

Mom Strength!

Rocking out my new Mom strength tee. Love it!  Being a Mom is no joke! It is truly changed my life for the better. I am sure there are millions of people who say the same thing. But, my story is a little different... Back in January  of 2013, I was a brand new mommy. I remember sitting in a wheelchair waiting at the hospital doors to get picked up by my husband to go home. While sitting there, I got a phone call from my HR department. They told me I was not eligible for short term disability while on maternity leave! What disappointing news to receive on the day I am bringing my baby girl home. This was a source of income we were depending on. My maternity leave was cut from 12 weeks down to 5 weeks. It really was such a difficult time for me. Instead of sitting around sulking and doing nothing about the situation, I decided to reach out to some of my friends in nursing to see if they knew of any jobs I could do from home. Low and behold I ran into an opportunity that has changed m

Pay it forward

I love love love helping achieve goals they never thought were possible! Pictured below is my client Ashley and I after she placed in the top 5 at her first bikini competition! She started her health and fitness journey with home based wo rkouts and then decided to take it to the next level by training for a competition! She said, "A year ago I would have never expected to have done what I did, but Accelerated Fitness made it easy to be excited about it. I am very lucky to have great trainers!" With that said, I am inviting 10 new ladies into my fitness challenge that are looking to make a change... not even necessarily to step on stage, but that are tired of guessing and that want to get a plan of action together to commit to and rock out next starting November 3rd. The workout will be about 30 minutes a will be a hybrid of weight training, hiit training, and core strengthening. We will focus on making sure you are eating ENOUGH food to see results and not deprive y

Rocktober Challenge!

Can you give me 21 days?! 30 minutes a day? I'm looking for the next 15 ladies that are ready to go all in to change their health with me. I want those that really really want this and that don't want to put themselves and their health on the back burner this fall. It's so easy to do with everything going on but everyone has 30 minutes a day. so NO excuses right?! Last group just ended and we had the entire team all working their booties off and they got MAD RESULTS... Soo he re's the are going to have an EXACT workout program that is going to show you EXACTLY what to do to get you RESULTS...then I'm gonna give you tons of meal plans and nutritional support so why not do this?! On top of that you will get that color coded portion control container system that I've been posting about that shows you HOW MUCH protein/fats/carbs to eat at each meal. It's full proof. As long as you meet me halfway and commit and put in the effort we will

Homemade Burrito

Who needs Chipotle when you can make your own burrito? Don't get me wrong, I love Chipotle but not all of the calories that come with it! This is super simple to make and will save you quite a few calories. Ground turkey Rice Avocado  Lettuce Chili lime sauce Fresh salsa Wrapped in a low carb whole wheat wrap! Enjoy 

September 8th challenge!

It's time to take your health and fitness seriously!   Challenge group forming for September 8th.  It will run September 8th - 28th!  21 DAYS OF PURE DEDICATION! Deadline to sign up is August 31st as you will want to allow several days for your supplements to arrive for the start of the challenge. Cost: $160. Includes: customized nutrition plan, a month supply of meal replacement shake, a shaker cup, tupperware for food, a workout schedule, three check ins with me, and coaching by me throughout the entire competition along with group support on Facebook. Next steps: purchase the challenge package with these simple steps:  1. Go to 2. Click the CHALLENGE PACKS, Buy Now (right side / middle of screen).  3. Scroll down to find the Challenge Pack that shows your Fitness Program (21 day fix) – underneath it in the dropdown menu box select it with your chosen flavor of Shakeology ( of you are not sure on flavor, I recommend the combo packs of v

3 Foods to Power Through Your Workout!

1.  Greek Yogurt Greek yogurt contains almost double the protein as normal yogurt but about half as much raw sugar as regular yogurt. Provided you aren't lactose-intolerant, this should provide an energy boost that’s easy on the stomach. A comparable high-protein dairy option is cottage cheese. 2.  Oats Oats are packed with fiber, which facilitates a steady release of carbohydrates into your bloodstream, and therefore a steady energy supply throughout your workout. 3.  Bananas Bananas are very rich in fast-acting carbohydrates that will provide you with usable fuel for a workout, and the supply of potassium aids in maintaining muscle and nerve function. Try this combo 1-2 hrs before a workout: 1/2 cup non fat greek yogurt with 1 banana sliced and mixed in (stevia for sweetner) 1/4 cup oats 

Sweet Potato Fries

Dinner is served.  Lean steak, spinach and sweet potato fries!   Here is a very simple sweet potato fry recipe. 4 sweet potatoes 2 tbsp EVOO 2 tbsp garlic powder 2 tsp cajun seasoning sea salt and pepper to taste Instructions:  Preheat oven to 450 F In medium bowl, toss potatoes with EVOO, garlic powder, cajun seasoning, seal salt and pepper.  Spred sweet potatoes in a single layer on a baking sheet line wiht parchment paper, making sure to leave speace between them.  Bake for 35-40 min turning half way though until golden brown.  Serve with ketchup or your dip of choice.

Results are in!

Results are in from my 3 day jump-start challenge.  I am down 4 lbs, 1 inch gone from my waist and 1 inch gone from my hips.  My clothes are fitting much better again and I am ready to keep going.  This was exactly what my body needed to recharge.  I am going to keep the momentum going with my 5 day clean eating challenge group on Facebook!  If you are interested in joining a free 5 day clean eating challenge please add me as a friend on Facebook and let's chat! Link to add me!

3 Day Jump-Start Challenge!

I had my husband help me create a 3 day jump-start plan.  Why?  Well, because I am human and fell off track with my nutrition.  I needed someone to hold me accountable.  But how could I let this happen?  As a trainer and health and fitness coach I should have no problem keeping a perfect diet, right?  I should be able to hold myself accountable 24/7, right?  Wrong. I have multiple roles and sometimes I fall of track with my nutrition.  But, that doesn't mean I stay off track.  I also don't claim to be perfect.  I enjoy occasional treats and red wine, but after two trips to Vegas and indulging in too many carbs and alcohol my body didn't want to let go of the crap.  I kept craving these things daily.  I finally said enough is enough.  I needed to set a goal and come with a plan to reach it.  My goal was to get back on track with a clean eating regimen.  Coming up with a 3 day plan was the perfect was to reset my body and thinking towards healthier eating habits.  I am on day

Everything You Need to be Great is Already Inside You!

While you spend time scrolling though Facebook, I am working on my next post to inspire someone.  To lift someones spirits.  To encourage someone.  I am messaging someone to see how they are doing with their fitness challenges or their customized workouts I have written for them.  I am messaging someone to see how their nutrition plan is going.  If it needs adjustments.  I am checking in with my team of coaches to make sure they are reaching their goals.  While you are scrolling through Pinterest pinning stuff you want, things you plan to do, recipes you plan to make, workouts you will never do, dreaming of things you won't have unless you WORK for them, wishing you could travel here or there, I am building a business.   How long will you continue to do these time wasting activities?  Who knows... God knows I did them for way too long.  I am thankful I got a wake-up call.   I am creating value in OTHERS.  I am building a bridge to freedom.  To be able to do what I want, when I want

30 Day Kettlebell Swing Challenge

This challenge works for both beginners and advance people. Beginners can stick to the chart and intermediate – advance people can do 2-5 sets or how many you can handle. Cardio can consist of walking on the treadmill or outside, running, elliptical, hiking, zumba, ect. I recommend at least 30 minutes. Now, let’s burn  some calories and sculpt our entire body with kettle bell swings! Click link below to join for free!

Shrimp Pasta

Ingredients: 3/4 - 1 lb fresh shrimp (peeled, I made the mistake of getting non-peeled) 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil 1/4 teaspoon black pepper 1/4 teaspoon sea salt 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder 1 teaspoon Italian seasoning Heat oil and seasonings in a fry pan until warm.  Add shrimp and fry for approximately 10-15 minutes until cooked. 1 16 oz bag brown rice pasta 4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 1/4 teaspoon black pepper 1/4 teaspoon sea salt 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder 1 teaspoon Italian seasoning 2 tablespoons Parmesan cheese Put pasta in 4.5 quarts of boiling water.  Stir occasionally and cook on medium-high for 15 minutes.  Rinse with water for a superb texture.  Drain well.  Mix olive oil, cheese and seasonings in.  Serve with shrimp on top. *Note: Follow instructions to cook pasta according to the brand you buy.

Taco Tuesday!!

Taco Tuesday over here!! 1 low carb tortilla wrap 3 oz lean ground turkey 1 tablespoon fresh salsa 1/2 cup cabbage salad mix 1 tablespoon chili lime sauce Under 250 calories and delish!

Bridge to Freedom

Okay so let's talk NUMBERS for a minute. I am no math wizard or Donald Trump, but I do believe I have made a very smart investment. The investment I made was in a challenge pack. What is a challenge pack? A fitness program combined with  a month supply of Shakeology. It was not just any fitness program. It was one of the most advertised on television. A Beachbody fitness program! Honestly at the time I invested in this challenge pack as a coach because I wanted to help people with their fitness and maybe earn some extra money on the side. I didn't plan on using the program... maybe here or there. I didn't really even plan on continuing the shakes. I said, "I'm a competitor and personal trainer. I don't need those workouts or that shake." Boy was I wrong! I feel in love with almost all of the programs and the shakes. Then over the past 18 months I feel in love with the business. So that $180 that I charged to my CREDIT CARD has given me a 19,000% return. Li

Healthy Chili Dinner

Another recipe borrowed from a friend and delicious! Healthy Chili Dinner  4lbs extra lean ground beef or ground turkey 4 cans kidney beans, drained and rinsed 2 large onions, chopped 2 large tomatoes, chopped 4 bell peppers (1 green, 1 red, 1 yellow, 1 orange, cut into 1⁄2-inch squares) 6 cloves of garlic Two 46-fl oz bottles low sodium V8 Vegetable juice, spice hot Spices: 4 TBSP chili powder 2 TSP ground pepper A little Frank's hot sauce gives it an extra kick In a large skillet, brown the ground beef, one pound at a time, over high heat together with garlic and onions. If your skillet is large enough you can brown the beef all at once to save time. On the last batch, add spices after the beef is browned and continue frying for another couple of minutes. Add the browned beef to a very large pot with a lid, and then add the beans, tomatoes, peppers and V8 juice. Bring to a boil and then reduce heat to simmer. This freezes very well, so you can just thaw it out and pop it in the

Brown Rice Bowl

I borrowed this recipe from a friend!  Can't wait to try it! Brown Rice Bowl  2/3 cup cooked brown rice 4 oz grilled chicken breast, boneless, skinless, chopped or sliced 1/4 cup green peas, cooked 2 TBSP corn kernels, fresh or frozen, cooked 1 1/2 tsp sesame oil (I prefer toasted sesame oil) 1 tsp low sodium tamari soy sauce (I use Bragg Liquid Aminos instead) 1 tsp chili sauce 1. Top brown rice with chicken, peas, and corn in medium serving bowl. 2. Drizzle with oil, soy sauce and chili sauce This makes one serving. I multiply it by 8 to make a huge bowl, mix everything together and serve. Calories: 408 Fat: 12 g Protein: 31 g Carbs: 42 g

Grilled Fruit

Want dessert, but don't want to undo your healthy day of eating?  Try grilling some fruit!  It's delicious!

Apple Slice Treats

Apple Slice Treats~ thinly slice apples, spread with peanut butter, then top with nuts, chocolate chips and coconut....yum!

Transformation Tuesday!

In honor of Transformation Tuesday I wanted to take some time to share my transformation with you all!  Pictured below from left to right is my personal transformation from 2009 to 2014.  It may look to some that much hasn't changed, but it's simply not true.  The girl on the left was struggling inside.  Her confidence levels were low and her fears were big, but she was determined to shake these unwanted feelings.  After struggling for years prior to that first picture with unhealthy eating habits, it was time for a change.  I began working on becoming the best me I could be.  As my outward appearance was changing so was my inward appearance.  With each show I have gained more and more confidence.  If it weren't for my husband encouraging me to compete and believing in me, I'm not sure where I would be today. On another note, the reason I put a picture of myself pregnant in this photo collage was to prove that pregnancy does not have to ruin your body.  Do not let

Mozzarella, basil, and roasted red pepper stuffed chicken

5 oz raw chicken breast 1/2 oz of fresh mozzarella 10 grams roasted red pepper 2 basil leaves 160 grams baby broccoli Fresh ground pepper Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Wash and dry chicken. Cut a slit in the chicken lengthwise being careful not to cut through. Carefully stuff the chicken with cut up pieces of cheese, red pepper and basil. Season chicken with fresh ground pepper and bake on a foil lined baking sheet for 18-20 minutes or until cooked through, depending on chicken thickness. While chicken is cooking saute the baby broccoli over medium heat with some cooking spray until tender. Then ENJOY 

Challenger Results

So very proud of this girl right here! Lindsey participated in our 21 day challenge that began 3 weeks ago and got some pretty amazing results. Down 11 lbs and 8.5 inches is definitely something to smile about and share with others. Most importantly, she loved how the clean eating along with portion control and exercise gave her so much energy. She says that, "if you put in the work you will get the results." She gained muscle tone and is planning to start another round soon! We are forming challenge groups in the month of July and would love to have you as an accountability partner. Who is ready to put in the work this month?   Shoot me an email and let's get you started!

Quick and Easy Cabbage Salad

June 9th WINNER!

I am very pleased to announce the first place winner from my June 9th Challenge! Ashley will be receiving an @isolatorfitness isobag for her hard work. She lost 4 lbs and 8.5 total inches. Great job girly! You rocked this challenge out!  If you are looking to lose weight, tone up, or just get healthier I am opening up another challenge group on July 28th! Email me for more details.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Snack Bars

Ingredients: 4 scoops-chocolate shakeology 2 cups quick old fashion rolled oats 1/3 cup of chopped raw peanuts 1/2 cup of raisins  1 cup unsweetened almond milk 1/2 cup all almond butter Directions: Combine shakeology, oats, peanuts, raisins, in a large bowl and mix well.  Add almond milk and almond butter and mix well.  Press mixture into 8x8 baking pan cover and refrigerate for 3 hours cut into 24 bars. ENJOY!!!

Personal Pizza

Personal Pizza Recipe under 350 calories Ingredients: 1 whole wheat flat bread 2 oz pre grilled chicken breast 1/2 c Prego Light Heart Smart Sauce 1/2 c fresh mushrooms 1/2 c white onions 5 asparagus spears cut 2 teaspoons Parm cheese *You could also add a serving of moz cheese. I did not to save on calories. Instructions: 1. Preheat oven to 400 F 2. Pan fry grilled chicken, asparagus, onions, mushrooms and set aside 3. Place flatbread on a cookie sheet (lightly spray with cooking spray, I used olive oil cooking spray) 3. Spread sauce on flatbread 4. Sprinkle on cheese 5. Top with chicken and veggies 6. Bake for 15-20 minutes ENYOY!


For those of you who missed out on the June challenge, no worries... I am going to put the start date of my July challenge out. You DONT want to miss out on this one!! Here's the JULY 7th CHALLENGE!!!! Here's the skinny: Challenge will run July 7th - July 28th- 21 DAYS OF PURE DEDICATION! Deadline to sign up is June 30th as you will want to allow several days for your supplements to arrive for the start of the challenge. Cost: $160. Includes: customized nutrition plan, a month supply of meal replacement shake, a shaker cup, tupperware for food, a workout schedule, three check ins with me, and coaching by me throughout the entire competition along with group support on Facebook. Requirements: anyone can participate but the winner will be from the USA as the prizes will need to be shipped. Prizes: First place- 3 meal isolator fitness meal bag. Second place- $25 gift card. How to Win: I will be calculating overall body fat loss, inches lost, and weight lost. So, I will take you

Should You Eat On Night Shift?

This is a common question I get. I have heard so many nurses blame weight gain on working night shift. As a fit nurse who has worked many night shifts, I cannot stress enough on the importance of eating throughout the night. Your body needs food for energy while you are awake at night just as it does during the day. My recommendation would be to eat as many whole, clean foods every 3 hours while you are awake. Also, whatever your caloric intake for the day is can be counted over a 24 hour period. Here is an example of what I would do when working an 8 hr night shift. 10pm before I leave for work I am finishing my calories for that entire day. Then my meals for the next day begin after midnight. Meal 1: 1am 2 oz grilled chicken breast, 4 oz sweet potato. Meal 2: 4am 2 oz cod, 1/2 cup rice Meal 3: 730am 2 oz grilled chicken breast, 1 cup zucchini and squash mixed, 2 plain rice cakes, 2 teaspoons natural peanut butter. Then I lay down for a few hours when I get home. Meal 4:

New blogger

Hi!  I'm Lindsey and my mission is to inspire and encourage others to live a happy and fulfilling live through health and fitness. I am married with one child. I am a former registered nurse, online health and fitness coach and personal trainer. I enjoy competing in the bikini division of the NPC and am working towards earning my pro card. My hobbies include: shopping, dancing, traveling, and pretty much anything to keep me active. I am looking forward to meeting like minded people though this blog!