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Bridge to Freedom

Okay so let's talk NUMBERS for a minute. I am no math wizard or Donald Trump, but I do believe I have made a very smart investment. The investment I made was in a challenge pack. What is a challenge pack? A fitness program combined with a month supply of Shakeology. It was not just any fitness program. It was one of the most advertised on television. A Beachbody fitness program! Honestly at the time I invested in this challenge pack as a coach because I wanted to help people with their fitness and maybe earn some extra money on the side. I didn't plan on using the program... maybe here or there. I didn't really even plan on continuing the shakes. I said, "I'm a competitor and personal trainer. I don't need those workouts or that shake." Boy was I wrong! I feel in love with almost all of the programs and the shakes. Then over the past 18 months I feel in love with the business. So that $180 that I charged to my CREDIT CARD has given me a 19,000% return. Like I said, I don't know much about investments, but I do know something about helping people and that's what it takes to earn money in this business. Our paychecks are a direct reflection of the amount of people we lend a hand to. I am blessed to have found this opportunity. Who do you know that likes to help others and would like to earn an additional $500, $1000, even $4000 a month? If this is you please email me at OR fill out the application below!  I am taking 5 people this month who want to create a bridge to freedom!


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Post-Op and Recovery Update

Tomorrow will be one month since the removal of the GIST (Gastro-intestinal stromal tumor) in the lining of my stomach.  Quite a few people have been reaching out to see how I've been feeling and for an update on what's next. First off, the surgery went well.  My surgeon only had to make one incision in the mid-line of my abdomen, because as he started to cut, the tumor was visible immediately.  He said I was a "surgeons dream" since there wasn't much to cut through!  My pain was controlled well post-op and I did not have near as much nausea from the pain meds as I did from the lung biopsy.  They made sure to stay on top of giving me anti-nausea meds and even put a scopolamine patch behind my ear pre-op.  I stayed in the hospital for two nights and then was able to go home.  Recovery went well with no complications.  Over the last month, I've had a lot of emotional ups and downs.  Waiting on the results from the pathology on the tumor was difficult.  O

Surgery Update

If you read my last blog post, I left off with that I was home from my lung biopsy recovering and that the preliminary results showed up as "Organizing Pneumonia".  They did confirm that on the pathology, so my lungs are cancer free!  Praise God! I met with my Surgical Oncologist, Dr. Jeffery  Hardacre which let me tell you is one amazing man.  Not only does he seem highly qualified to care for me, but he has an incredible bedside manner.  He took his time to explain everything to my husband and I and answered all of our crazy questions.  I feel very confident in his hands and he seems to be very optimistic about things.   I am scheduled to go into surgery with him tomorrow for the removal of the gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST).  If you haven't heard of this type of tumor, it's not your typical "stomach cancer".  Stomach cancer actually grows inside your stomach and could be a lot worse than a GIST.  This tumor is in the "wall/lining" of

Three Ingredient Healthy Reese's Cups

Every since my surgery, my sweet tooth has been wild.  These Three Ingredient Healthy Reese's Cups have been the perfect way to treat myself, without the guilt! TOTAL TIME: 40 MIN Prep: 5 min Freeze: 35 min Yield: 4 servings Level: Easy Three Ingredient REESE'S CUPS INGREDIENTS: 1 heaping TB coconut oil, melted 2 tsp peanut butter, melted 1 scoop/packet  Chocolate Shakeology DIRECTIONS: Mix the melted coconut oil with the Shakeology powder. If it is too thick, add a little more melted coconut oil. Place paper liners in a muffin tin. Cover the bottom of each liner with a thin coat of the chocolate mixture. Place pan in the freezer for 5 minutes. Remove from freezer and spoon a thin layer of melted peanut butter on top of the hardened chocolate. Cover the peanut butter with the remaining chocolate mixture. Place pan in the freezer for 30 minutes. Remove paper liners from peanut butter cups and enjoy!