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Mom Strength!

Rocking out my new Mom strength tee. Love it!  Being a Mom is no joke! It is truly changed my life for the better. I am sure there are millions of people who say the same thing. But, my story is a little different... Back in January  of 2013, I was a brand new mommy. I remember sitting in a wheelchair waiting at the hospital doors to get picked up by my husband to go home. While sitting there, I got a phone call from my HR department. They told me I was not eligible for short term disability while on maternity leave! What disappointing news to receive on the day I am bringing my baby girl home. This was a source of income we were depending on. My maternity leave was cut from 12 weeks down to 5 weeks. It really was such a difficult time for me. Instead of sitting around sulking and doing nothing about the situation, I decided to reach out to some of my friends in nursing to see if they knew of any jobs I could do from home. Low and behold I ran into an opportunity that has changed m

Pay it forward

I love love love helping achieve goals they never thought were possible! Pictured below is my client Ashley and I after she placed in the top 5 at her first bikini competition! She started her health and fitness journey with home based wo rkouts and then decided to take it to the next level by training for a competition! She said, "A year ago I would have never expected to have done what I did, but Accelerated Fitness made it easy to be excited about it. I am very lucky to have great trainers!" With that said, I am inviting 10 new ladies into my fitness challenge that are looking to make a change... not even necessarily to step on stage, but that are tired of guessing and that want to get a plan of action together to commit to and rock out next starting November 3rd. The workout will be about 30 minutes a will be a hybrid of weight training, hiit training, and core strengthening. We will focus on making sure you are eating ENOUGH food to see results and not deprive y