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Travel fit tips

Well we are on the road again!  This time we are headed to Nashville.  So I wanted to share what I packed for myself and my family as far as food so we can stay as clean as possible!  I selected foods that are quick and easy to grab.  Of course I have my isobags to keep everything fresh. Proteins 1. Boiled eggs 2.  No bake shakeology cookies (recipe on 3.  Tuna packets  4.  Protein bars 5.  Beef jerky 6.  0% fat Greek yogurt  7.  Whey protein 8.  Lean cuts of turkey lunch meat Carbs 1.  Steamed sweet potatoes 2.  Skinny pop 3.  Rice cakes 4.  Whole wheat bread  5.  Low sugar jelly  Fruit and veggies 1. Grapes 2. Cucumbers 3. Carrots 4. Go go apple sauces for the little one Fats 1.  Hummus 2.  Natural peanut butter  3.  Almonds