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Transformation Tuesday

#TransformationTuesday goes out to this beautiful lady, Trina Davis!   40 lbs gone!  Read more about her story below:

"I have started my weight loss journey a little of a year ago. I was so fed up and disgusted with myself to allow myself to get this way. I started to gain weight after I have my thyroid removed in 2009 (due to health reasons) I quickly became depressed and just gave up on myself. Never realizing how much weight I was putting on and started to lose all what lil bit of energy I had. I knew it was time to do something about it. I was on Facebook and came across the 21 day fix So I started researching it. I quickly realized how many of my friends were doing it and I messaged them and they introduced me to a coach. I talked with the coach for awhile and in my head I'm thinking yeah right this does not work like they say it does. No program is this good for that price. So I researched it for awhile and I messaged my coach back and ordered my package. So while I was waiting for my package to come I quickly started to make up every reason possible NOT to do it. I was thinking of every excuses to send it back to get my refund and just continue to be lazy. I kept this up until the day my package arrived and I started to feel very overwhelmed. So I sat down for a minute staring at my package and it sat in the same spot untouched for 2 days. After the 3rd day I finally opened it up and started to read everything and I quickly became interested init. I said to myself I can do this its 21days it can't be that hard.. Well I was wrong it wasn't as easy as I thought it was going to be. I started to do my workouts and realized I wasn't able to do most of the 30min exercise. I was so embarrassed I never knew how out of shape I really was. So I I started to look up healthy recipes for meals and I went to the grocery store and bought healthy food. I came home and threw out all of the unhealthy food that I had and said to myself I can do this its 21days. Well my first week my husband did my workouts with me to help motivate me to wanna do them. After the 9th day I found that I was really starting to like how I was starting to feel. I was having more energy I wasnt craving any sweets I was staying full longer and my stomach wasn't upset and bloated feeling all the time. I was starting to see my results and I my friends started to compliment me on losing weight. I started to gain so much confidence in myself. I was loving the way my body was changing. I still to this day am no where near my goal but I'm still striving to get there. I can honestly say starting this diet has changed my life :) :D"

Our challenge groups aren't about being perfect or skinny. They are about being a strong, fit and the most confident version of YOU!  So proud of Trina for sharing her story and for all of her hard work!  Beautiful!

Interested in joining my next group starting Feb8th?  Shoot me an email for more info!!


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