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A Woman of Courage is Also Full of Faith

Having a SURREAL moment today... Before I share WHY I thought it would be important that you know this.. . My parents got divorced when I was really young and the majority of the time it was just my Mom and I.  My Mom did not have a lot of  help and she worked VERY hard to support me.  The last place I remember living before our house was a duplex.  The neighbors who lived above us were either partying all night or fighting with each other.  I'll never forget how important it was to her to get me out of that environment, and to buy a home for us to live in.  She did whatever she had to in order to make that happen.  I TRULY believe her strong work ethic and determination molded me into the hard working person I am today.   . HOWEVER, because she was a single working mom, I had to go to morning and after care during the school year.  During the summer it was either day camp at the YMCA or a family members house.  This may seem like the norm to people in society, but I KNOW my Mo