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Skinny fat to FIT and HEALTHY!

On the left I had little to no muscle. My daily nutrition plan consisted of: . 🔷 Skinny Starbucks latte and an apple for breakfast.  🔶 Salad with chicken and a  Diet Coke for lunch. 🔷 Rice cakes and cottage cheese for dinner.  . At the time I had no idea how to eat to be healthy and fit. I just knew I wanted to fit in a size zero and would do WHATEVER it took to stay there. Eating that little calories would lead to binging and then purging. Gosh, it's tough to share that, but I hope that this helps someone!!!  . Thankfully I learned how to sculpt my body and get that fit look! I learned all about portion control nutrition and how to properly FUEL my body for health and physical fitness. I stopped caring what the scale or my jean size was. I learned to love my body for what it was! I learned to love the process of changing it to strong and healthy!! I started to LOVE what I saw in the mirror! Did it happen over night? No.  . But it started with one choice. The choice to make