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Today is a New Day!

Today is a new day. A fresh start. Whatever you want it to be, you can decide! Don't let yesterday be an excuse to get off track today, each day is a new chance to start fresh.  And each time you decide to take a step in the right direction, that is one step closer than you were yesterday!

Are You Struggling to Stay on Track?

It feels so good to be home and back on track with my nutrition. I love that I have an amazing fit family to stay accountable with! If you are finding yourself struggling to stay on track, whether you need support, accountability, nutrition, or fitness guidance, I'm just a message away and can help!

Try Making This Quick Shrimp Bowl

Do you need a quick and delicious idea for a clean meal? Earlier this week , I managed to quickly put this concoction together for dinner. Give it a try and let me know how it turns out. I used: Shrimp Tomatoes Zucchini Old bay seasoning Olive oil Cauliflower rice

Summer Survival Boot Camp

I am in the process of putting together a Summer Survival Online Boot Camp and I am accepting 10 SEROUS women to begin June 19th! Everything you need to get/stay in shape for summer! We are ALL busy whether it's with vacations, pool parties, or cookouts. But, we still have to make time for our health! With this 30 day challenge you will get: Meal plans Daily support and accountability 30 minute workouts A travel and restaurant guide Fun atmosphere and prizes Last, but not least ME as your coach and accountability partner in the group! If this is something you would like to be a part of, please go to Summer Survival Boot Camp Application to apply!